Now the human lifespan is just 125 years!


    A new research suggests that there now occur a limit to our lifespan on Earth and the record for the world’s oldest person is 122 years says an analysis published by the journal ‘Nature’.

    Jan Vigg , a geneticitst at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York , says “It is extremely difficult , if not impossible to break through that ceiling which has risen due to the complexity of ageing process”.

    But you might be thinking , where is the boundary? But the life expectancy has increased in many countries due to improvement in medical care and sanitation in the last century.

    Not only this , the maximum age of death has also increased , leading some , to believe that there is no boundary of how long one could survive.

    The highest age of living being in this world is Jeanne Calment of France who lived till the age of 122 years old. Since her death in the year 1997 , no one has broken his record ever.

    But even if someone reaches an age of 125 years in a given year , then the statistics could be just less than 1 person among a group of 10,000.

    But now the research says the human lifespan could maxes upto 115 years! Now the study is going on to find out treatments that may slow down the ageing process and keep us healthier for more long.

    David Sinclair , a geneticist at Harvard Medical School said “Lifespan of many different types of animals can be greatly extended by us , so humans are no exception here!”

    But this could happen only with the help of technology , and if the researchers succeeds in doing so , then the current limit of living age 115 could be broken without any problem!

    To live to be 200 or even more the life style plays a major role , as it effects genetics in a very drastic way. As they could increase the longevity and also delay disease and disabilities in the later stages of life.

    So rather than piling on the anti ageing pills , it is far much better to focus on eating better and exercising regularly could keep one healthy in their twilight years!



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