M.S. Dhoni : The Untold Story declared TAX FREE in Maharashtra!


    M.S. Dhoni ‘s biopic has created a lot of buzz before and after its release worldwide , the limited overs skipper Dhoni , and his life changing experiences has swayed everyone with storm.

    Sushant Singh Rajput has convincingly played Dhoni’s character and we could barely find out any difference between real and reel Dhoni.

    The path to self discovery , the trauma after beloved’s death , devastating situations , and all of them were intricately woven to make a biopic a must watch!

    This biopic opened to a such a huge response , making it to be the 2nd most highest opening film , following Salman Khan’s Sultan.

    Sushant’s MS Dhoni : The Untold Story , minted around Rs 21.40 Crore only on the day of its release , and now the trade analysts say within a week , it has crossed more than Rs 100 Crore. The insiders believe it will definitely touch the Rs 200 Crore mark. As Dhoni is widely popular , his journey will attract a lot of audience!

    The second highlight of this film is it has been the blockbuster hit of Sushant’s career till date , making him worthy to be casted in future films apart from reigning superstars in Bollywood.

    Now another declaration has been made by the Maharashtra Government , making Dhoni’s biopic  “tax free” , which is indeed like an honour to the Indian Cinema from the government.

    It indicates that the Government of Maharashtra is encouraging the ones who did not watch the film yet to not to miss this golden opportunity!

    On this occasion , Arun Pandey , the producer of the biopic shared his views “We are humbled and thanks the Chief Minister of Maharashtra , Devendra Fadnavis and his team members to declare MS Dhoni’s biopic tax free in the State.”

    MS Dhoni lovingly called as Mahi , has an inspirational journey that could evoke many depressed souls across the globe , thus by making the film tax free , more and more number of people will get to watch the film and also witness how amazingly he fought all the odds to rise to the top! 


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