All is Well Movie Review Rating : Family Show Begins here


All is Well Movie Review: Abhishek Bachchan and Asin who were looking to come back strong to Bollywood, looks like All is Well can be a bridge for them. Finally this new Hindi movie has made its appearance in the theaters. If you want some comedy filled family entertainer this weekend, then here’s the pick for you. All is well is a laughter riot, Abhishek and Rishi Kapoor’s journey will make you chuckle for sure. So folks before you hit the theaters this weekend, take a look at All is well movie review and rating. Don’t forget to give a read at the plot details too.

All is well has hit the theaters today. It will be clash of All is well Vs Manjhi Vs Kick 2. Kick 2 will definitely loot all over South India. What’s left is North India which might go to All is Well and Manjhi. Since Manjhi and All is Well are low-budget films, they don’t have to worry about the day 1 collections.

All is Well Movie Story Line

Brothers has been entertaining all the audience since a week now. It was filled with a lot of sentiment and action. Looks like the makers of All is Well thought that it would be the right time to release their comedy film to get the audience chuckle a little. But to their response, audience reacted well and are enjoying the flick.

All is well story is just a regular story, where in Abhishek and Rishi Kapoor go on a journey. Abhishek plays the role of Rishi Kapoor and Supriya Pathak’s son. Asin too joins them on their journey. The plot is a complete family drama filled with a lot of laughter. Since the film is from the makers of Oh my God, you can expect that range of comedy scenes in this flick too. So make sure you watch it this weekend.

All is Well Movie Review

Abhishek Bachchan and Asin’s serious struggle to get back into Bollywood is a tough one. It’s up to the audience to judge these two stars. Since the flick is a family oriented one, the points will be added to everyone not to a specific star. So it’s like a 50-50 situation to these stars.

Coming to the review, All is Well is worth watching. It has got comedy, drama with some action. Rishi Kapoor will be on cloud 9 when it comes to cracking some jokes. He’s a man of caliber and he has shown his worth with this film too. Asin’s just like a doll who doesn’t have much dialogues. Supriya Pathak too grabs some brownie points. Abhishek is like an ideal son who tries to resolve all the issues by himself.

All is Well Movie Review Rating

Though the story is old, Umesh Shukla has presented it refreshingly and the craziness is way out of the box. Since the film sis  low-budget one, it will surely get its profits within  a week or so. This new Hindi movie is also getting many positive reviews and will also be in the race alongside Brothers. Let’s just wait see where it ends.

Arijit Singh’s song has turned out to be ho favorite and is buzzing top in all musical charts. Also Sonakshi Sinha had a special appearance in this film. She has done an item number where in Abhishek too  groves some steps with the star.

On the whole, All is well is worth watching. So for all those who want to come out of Baahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan fever, just book your tickets and make sure you watch it this weekend.

All is Well Movie Rating and Short Review

The audiences are loving the hilarious scenes and they want this film to be a hit. So they are just sharing their reviews all over the sites to show their appreciation.So, we would be rating 3/5 stars for the message it has left for us..

Share your views and stay tuned for box office report.

Movie Name: All is Well

Directed by : Umesh Shukla

Actor and Actress: Abhishek Bachchan and Asin

All is Well Review Rating : 3/5 Stars, 60% Positive Rating


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