Bigg Boss 11 14th December 2017 – Day 74 Heena Khan Breakdown


Bigg Boss 11 14th December 2017 – Day 74 Heena Khan Breakdown:


Vikas, Shilpa, Love and Arshi were declared the winner of the BB Lab Games because these contestants made their rivals better than robots. Hiten Tejwani, Hina Khan, Priyanka and Akash performed well but could not win the luxury budget this week. Although Hina is very angry with the Vikash that she is good only for Shilpa because she is afraid, the reverse attempt of Hiten and Priyanka, does not explain their rivals to laugh or express their emotions and emotions. Indeed, after Vikash work gets angry and Priyank will be seen bowing the words of Qus.

Today, Vikash will be seen as its calmness and joining with old friend Priyanka Sharma in an unwise fight. Vikash believes that he made fun of his mother during the work.

Vikas warned Priyanka to stop misconduct and stop talking about her family or making fun of her parents. There is talk of Arshi and Hiten about Vikash. He demanded Priyanka to stop abuse in reality shows.As part of the luxury budget work day 2, Hiten and Priyanka made the robots as women to laugh. While Priyanka was wearing a black swimsuit, Hiten wrapped a stroke with a ‘pallu’.

Vikas is angry with Priyanka, while Vikas Gupta talks with Hiten about issues with Priyanka Sharma, Priyanka also talks about her for a long time. He supports many times, comes out too much and talks for Vikash and he gets annoyed. Vikas says that she is really upset because Priyanka had joked about her pet names

Priyanka has apologized for her behaviour, Vikas comes to the living room and asked Priyanka to stop talking about her and her family. Vikas says that he has made fun of his pet name ‘Kuchi Koo’, in which he and his mother are in talks. He also says that for the sake of the game he cannot do this in front of the camera. Priyanka has expressed regret for the Vikas for her behaviour.

Vikas has threatened Priyanka if he starts talking to him, then it will be difficult for her to stay at home. Priyanka Chakra comes in with the dalali and gossip that everybody comes and nowadays she is in danger. Shilpa comes and tells Vikas that Priyanka wants to excite her and she is succeeding in it.

Arshi nominates Akashas the worst performer Big Bash has told Arshi Khan to choose a candidate to be sent to jail as captain, Arshi Khan nominesAkashDadlani as he during his captaincy He has not listened to the Big Boss again tells the inmates that he is in the Aakash in Kaal kuthri to choose two more worst cast When should you decide.

The villagers have started the discussion that should come and join the jail. Huttonmates nominated Hiten Tejwani and Priyanka Sharma as the worst performer. The Big Boss then asks Arshi to take her to jail and lock them.

Hina Khan reads those prisoners who have given special powers to Captain Arshi Khan to keep an eye on the footage of the house and can see what happened behind her. Big Boss also suggests that Arshi can nominate her two companions who can reach CCTV footage.

One by one, all the villagers tried to influence Arshi because they got an opportunity to access the footage. Arshi Khan named for the footage in the name of Hina and Vikas to reach with them.

Arshi Khan, with Shilpa in the kitchen, explodes. Arshi comes in and informs Hina that Shilpa uses tap water in the food. Hina asked Shilpa not to use tap water in the food. Hina asked Shilpa not to use tap water in the food. Vikas Gupta comes to the kitchen and asked Shilpa not to use tap water in the food. Shilpa improved her and said that tap water boiled and there is no need to worry.

Hina Khan says that Shilpa should not tap water and instead she should use RO water. Hina also alleged that her stomach is upset due to this.

Arshi Khan and Vikas Gupta tried to console Shilpa Shinde because she had locked herself in the toilet. Vikas and Arshi tried to lighten the mood of Shilpa and she came out. Shilpa also says that she also uses tap water during cooking and she agrees. Shilpa says that these people do not know basic science. Sooner soon comes in and gossips with Hina about Vikash and Shilpa. He says that Vikash has told Hina that Hina’s attitude was wrong. Hina says that she is not at all interested and she thinks that she is right.

Bigg Boss has given Arshi Khan two options and he chooses to watch a video where Hina and Love talked about their organization. She thinks that Punish Sharma is the biggest liar and the Aakash is crazy mad.And she says that she has seen what happened behind her back. She also encounters Hina, who was part of the conversation and commented on her clothes. Hina Khan takes Arshi out and talks about her about that. BIG Boss gave Hina an opportunity to see what happened behind her back. The Big Boss showed him footage, where he broke up and wanted to return home. In the same footage, Shilpa made fun of him and when he was crying, he copied it. Punish Sharma also talks about Hina Khan in the footage. Seeing what happened behind his back, Hina cannot return to her tears.


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