Bigg Boss 11, 12th December 2017, Day 72 – Arshi, Akash use Shilpa’s friendship


Bigg Boss 11, 12th December 2017 Full Episode, Day 72:

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Participants woke up for the song ‘Man Ma Aashan Jazz’, which got complete with ‘Big Boss 11 Lab’ with upcoming weekly budget budget. Workers need to give birth to each other. Akash and Shilpa start the day with a debate on the breakfast table and complain that she feels uneasy with her touch. Arshi, who is now going to be ‘friend’ with Shilpa, tells him that Akash was giving him the longest kiss. But Shilpa clarified that she stopped him many times in the past but he refused to listen. After this we see Akash and Shilpa’s heart to give heart, in which the Aakash had apologized for abusing Shilpa. Shilpa says she does not want to apologize, but she wants to understand that what she did was wrong. Akash seems hard to accept his mistake because he is afraid of Salman Khan being removed from the coming weekend.

This week, the competitor will do an experiment to test changing human emotions. As the luxury budget kicks off, the fortress is divided into two teams – robots and employees; Punaseh helmets work as a ‘crazy scientific operator’.

Hina, Priyanka, Akash and Hiten are robots; While Vikas, Shilpa, Arshi and Love have lost the cap of the staff. It is the responsibility of the employee to achieve specific feelings from robots; While robots do their best to control their reactions. The work is divided into three rounds based on different emotions – anger, sadness and happiness

Vikas Akash is asked to lose his work, but he refused to do so. Vikas tells Pune that the Aakash is going back to its words. Punish told them that they can be friends but there is something that they have to decide for themselves. On the other hand, Hina asked Love to give her best to work and not to worry about being in separate teams.

The first emotion is anger and the first task is to show Aakash in the Aakash. The ‘mastermind’ Vikash leads him to provoke the heavens by calling them a disgusting person, who does not respect anyone whom he calls ‘Ma’. She further says that whenever she wants her benefit, she uses her mother and grandmother’s names. Vikas and Shilpa see a tight of emotions on their face and move towards Hina.

Vikas tells Hina that she is about her age. Vikas calls for his friendship with Love and Priyanka, and further provokes him by accusing him of breaking the friendship in the house. Shilpa told Hina that despite playing such a positive person, ‘Akshara’ for eight years on her show, she is behaving so negatively at home. Hina also shows anger

Priyanka is next, and him good friend Vikash tells them that he knows how to play with emotions. Vikas says that Priyanka has to create a love story in every show. He holds the responsibility of the loved one for the expulsion of BenfashSunnawala and she was better than Love, who is still alive.

Vikal further tells Priyanka that they are not there to talk about Hina’s own sexuality, but she told Hina that she is bisexual. Vikas asks Priyanka how she knows. “Did you report to me?” He also said that Priyanka wanted to be Alpha male, so he did it. Vikas talks to Priyanka that how she disappoints women and the embarrassment of the body and the slut screams to them. After this, he calls Priyanka to Divya Agarwal on a fake relationship. The work is over.

Vikas then meets with his team members, Love and Shilpa. Shilpa told them that they should not have raised the issue of sexuality. Meanwhile, Hina has heard from Priyanka that she does not trust Punit and Hiten, who is part of her team for this task.

The job starts again and again. This time the feeling is ‘cry’, repeatedly repeating the name of his good friend Rocky Jaiswal, and before trying to leave the house, Rocky attempted to investigate the control of Hina, whispering him. Hina gets emotional, Arshi and Shilpa go to Priyanka and tell them that during her last week’s luxury budget, her mother remembered them but she did not come. Shilpa asks Priyanka that if she feels that her mother is upset, Shilpa told him that she needs to respect her friendship with Vikash. Priyanka tears and loses work Arshi apologized for her.

Love challenges with humor and tastes his funny bone by cross dressing as Arshi, and all four – Hina, Hiten, Akash and Priyank are laughing. The next feeling is once again ‘anger’, and it happens when things get out of control, when Vikash ultimately provokes the Aakash so that it cools down. Making a bad name for lying about winning the tennis tournament and the battle of rap, and the Aakash accused the musicians who steal music.

Vikash uses all the tasks which makes the Aakash fierce after the end of the work. While Vikas tries to say that it was only a work, the Aakash appealed for the Vikash of those words which they used for themselves. He says that he brings his mother and grandmother in all this and vows to take revenge on Vikash in the second phase of the work. And soon we look at Arshi and Akash and conspiracy against Shilpa, which is one of the strongest rivals. At home. Akash asked Arshi to take the position of the situation to reach the top spot with his friends. Arshi says that she is confident of being one of the finals and Shilpa is very dependent on them.


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