Bigg Boss 11 Day 70, 10th Dec 2017 – Salman Khan Weekend Ka Vaar


Bigg Boss 11 on 10th Dec 2017 Full Episode Details – Salman Khan Weekend Ka Vaar:

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Host Salman Khan cannot get on the fact that Akash has been nominated with Shilpa, who is one of the strongest rivals in the house, and he starts the show by joking and dragging the feet of the Aaksha. He further tells the competitors that in addition to seeing the episode, he also talks to psychologists and researches on the behavior of domestic researchers.

They announced that Shilpa and Arshi, who are very skeptical, will have to fight in Sultana Akhad. The first round is about who is more qualified to win the show. Arshi wins the war round the round. Arshi and Shilpa put a sumo wrestling costume in the second round to cover each other with potholes, and also won in the second round.

During this competition between Shilpa and Arshi, Salman moves towards Shilpa when Arshi tells the reason of being mad at Shilpa. Salman tells Arashi that he has never seen that Shilpa behaves badly with her, and this problem is with Arshi.

Then the Fukrey Return Team then enters the house to complete the contestants, and they decide to ask each contestant a set of questions that the contestants themselves have provided, ask Hina if he Why not share your coffee with, and says, she shares coffee with someone that she is close to her. Then they ask him that he will choose between Love and Priyank. She give a diplomatic answer and refuse to choose one person.

Varun asks Hiten why the vikash has answered questions for him and whether the vikash controls him. Hiten replies that when necessary, he speaks, and Hina interrupted him in contradiction. Varun then killed him, asked for marriage and hook-up questions. Hiten says that he will marry Arshi, hook up with Shilpa and kill Hina, who makes Arshi very happy. Love is asked if he loves Hina or likes him, he clarified that she is nothing more than a friend for him. Shilpa was asked why he stopped talking to Arshi with Hina? Shilpa says that there is always a lie which, after that, does trouble, but Hina calm it down.

After that he was asked to kill, marry or hit with Hiten, Vikas and Priyanka. Shilpa decides to marry Hiten, joins Vikas and kills Priyanka. His next question is how long he will be humiliated and when he will start giving it back. Shilpa answered the question with an old saying that dog bark should be given. Even after Salman warned, Arshi misused Shilpa again. Vikas joins in the next, Varun asked to choose the vikash between Hiten and Arshi and he opted to choose hiten without lid of eyes. After that, Richa Chadha and Manojat Singh entered the house.

Since Hiten and Shilpa answered the maximum questions, they were given some rights. Paul likes HitenAksha for his feet and his bald flutter, Shilpa chooses Hina to wear Bena Pong, so that she can hit Hina’s rear with the ball, and Hina plays it. Fukrey returns team then leaving Salman on stage and mixing one foot with him.

Salman then asks the contestant to keep pictures of the top three competitors on the board, whom they feel less qualified and want to end. Vikas love, Priyanka and Hina raises ArshiShilpa, Punish and Luv Hina have chosen Love, Puneesh and Hiten because they are apparently in drama as per the instructions of vikash. Hiten goes on and says that Vikal asked to go with Hina’s name, and she chooses Luv, Puneesh and Hina. Shilpa chose Love, Priyanka and Hina, Salman told Love that his friend, Hina took his name. He tries to justify Hina, but Salman closed her by saying that this question has been directed to Love. Akash Vikas, Hiten and Shilpa pick up Priyanka chose Pune, Lu and Arshi. Punish is the most clever person of all; She selects three strong players – Shilpa, Hiten and Vikal – so that their competition is out and she can win.

In the coming days, Hiten’s life has to be sad. The caller of the week asked him if he saved Shilpa, why did he accept everyone that he rescued Arshi? Every person, especially Arshi, is shocked with this revelation. Hiten said that he told some important people and there is no need to tell him all. Explaining their reasons, Hiten says that once Shilpa had saved him and that he had paid for it. Arshi says that she broke her trust and sat there to quarrel in anger. He also tries to stop people from laughing and Shilpa does not pay attention to their request. Salman puts more fuel in his naughty look at the fire. He provokes Arshi that if he was an Arshi, he would not have left Hiten. For the annoyance of Arshi, Salman further says, “Thank God, that was not he, nor did he abuse the people.”

Akash, who is ready to leave home, performs a song for Salman with Love and Priyanka. But Salman is in a strange mood, and he keeps her. When the Aaksha tells Salman that he loves her, then she replies, “I believe I can say the same.” He further tells the Aaksha that when he sees the footage, then wrapping it will not get any shot from the house. He justified by saying that cameramen receives prepayment and do not like capturing those who look negative, also tells Hina that his angry expression is going against him and asks him to smile more than that. And when the Aksha is ready to leave, Salman announced that the polling lines were closed this week, so both Aksha and Shilpa are safe. Hina manipulated Arshi against Hiten and said that only Vikas and Shilpa knew that Hiten had saved Shilpa (Arshi).

With the Vikas, Shila called her walk to break the friendship inside the house. She calm it down, she says the Vikas at least and says that she cannot say to a woman’s move. Vikas also tells her the biggest villain. Love is troubled by both her friends, Hina and Priyanka, who have took his name for a less qualified competitor. Hina clarified that if it was a real nomination task, she would never have taken her name. But Love stops talking to both of them. It is still upset that Hiten lied to him and decided to cut Shilpa’s relationship with him. Punish tells vikash that the mistake of Hiten is here, and Vikas believes that rather than keeping the name of Punish, Hiten should ideally be named Priyanka in a less qualified list.

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