Swiggy to take off Swiggy Drone Delivery in India


The use of technology is increasing day by day, as the world keeps on developing technology will be changed. Technology has the power to change lifestyle and everything related to humans, technology is changing our day-to-day lives and making human life easy. Modern technology had a powerful influence.

We all know about flying drones and flying drones are being used for deliveries in few parts of the United Kingdom and India may soon fly drones to deliver food and medicines. Your dream of getting food and medicines via flying drones can come true very soon. Swiggy drone delivery will soon start in India.

Swiggy to take off Swiggy Drone Delivery in India

Drones can deliver whatever they want to; Swiggy and ANRA Technologies to Launch Flying Food Delivery Drone.

Swiggy has collaborated with ANRA Technologies for flying swiggy drone deliveries of food and medical packages. Swiggy drone delivery may start soon for food and medical packages. Swiggy’s drone delivery partner, ANRA Technologies has been awarded with final clearances from the Ministry of Defence (MoD), the Directorate General of Aviation (DGCA) and for the next several days, the ANRA Technologies will conduct a few BVLOS food and medical package delivery trials in Etah and Rupnagar districts, in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab, respectively.

Shilpa Gnaneshwar, Principal Program Manager of Swiggy talking about a whole new delivery mechanism swingy said in a statement “As a pioneer in investing in technology and logistics with a dedicated delivery fleet, Swiggy has built a robust presence in hyperlocal delivery moving beyond food to offer convenience to consumers. With an increasing number of technological innovations taking place to smoothen and fasten the last mile journey, it only becomes natural for us to explore the latest avenues available to maximize the benefit to our consumers. We are excited about the potential that Drones offer and look forward to the trials on BVLOS operations for the use case of food delivery. Through our association with ANRA, we aim to put the long-range proficiencies of drone technology to best use and accomplish some ground-breaking trials”

Amit Ganjoo, Founder and CEO of ANRA said “ANRA’s deep roots in India and my family ties make me especially proud to have contributed to this historic moment for India, government stakeholders, and our partners. Knowing our technology may soon help deliver food and medical packages to underserved populations are what motivates and unifies our team,”

In a test video, ANRA Team showed how the deliveries are done successfully. A drone is shown in multiple videos picking a small food package and delivering the food package. Swiggy drone delivery is not the first one to test drone delivery. Earlier a few weeks ago, Google-backed Dunzo announced that it will pilot drone delivery of medicines under the ‘Medicine from the Sky’ project in the Telangana government in collaboration with the World Economic Forum. The project is aimed to enable emergency medical deliveries that could include COVID-19 vaccines and other essentials.

Ganjoo says, that the first delivery was a box of chocolates, but the team is looking ahead to flying a delivery drone for food and medical packages. Indian Drone delivery industry is getting started and is ready to work.


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