National Cheeseburger Day! Mcdonald’s Announced to sell their Double Cheeseburger at 50 cent on 18th Sep 2023


Every Year, National CheeseBurger Day is celebrated on 18th September and this year the celebration is definitely going to be very cheesy!

Fast Food chain Mcdonalds have announced on 14th september that they will be selling their double cheeseburgers at 50 cent per burger on National Cheeseburgers day. A celebration that big to have four double patty cheese burgers in just 1 dollar, it’s just unbelievable but true.


For one day, cheeseburger fans can enjoy their favourite cheese burger from McDonalds for 50 cents, isn’t it just amazing. All you need to do is order through the Mcdonald’s app.

This offer is limited to one per customer and an app registration is a requirement. The App will be downloaded from Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play Store. The offer is only valid at participating stores nationwide.

Other Burger selling joints are also not behind, Wendy’s is selling its junior bacon cheeseburger for 1 cent for any purchase on its app from 18th september 2023 to 23rd september 2023.

Burger King also announced that it will be giving free cheeseburgers to the members of its Royal Perks Reward Program along with any purchase of $1 between 18th september till 24th september 2023.

After all, September is getting very cheesy for all of us.


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