Online Casino Trends in India


Online gambling is these days more popular than you can imagine. Millions of gamblers test their luck every day at some of the almost countless online establishments of this kind. But, what are the latest trends in online gambling and what gamblers seek the most? Let’s find out.

Mobile Gambling is the Main Deal

Mobile gambling is raising as we speak and this trend has been with us for quite some time. We believe that it will continue to grow in the future as well. Reasons, why this is the main trend at the moment, are obvious. Gambles have the ability to play any games like best online scratch cards to win real money using a smartphone or a tablet from any location they like. The time when mobile casino games were old, low in graphics and limited in features is long gone. Today, these games have the same design and the same list of features as ordinary games you can play at online casinos using a computer or a laptop. In order to understand how popular this trend is at the moment, you need to know that more and more online casinos adopting full, advanced mobile gambling support. And you can see the statistic by yourself.

Live Gambling is in the Rise as Well

Live gambling is known as a combination of land and online casinos. First of all, you can play live games in 99% of modern online establishments. There are some differences though. Some places offer a limited choice of live games while others have hundreds of them. The point is, live gambling is one of the main trends because it allows you to play with real people and enjoy real dealers. Broadcasting is better than ever before and you can enjoy the stunning video quality, advanced features and so much more. Once again, this trend will remain the top choice of million of gamblers.

Using Virtual Currencies

Many online casinos now accept Bitcoin and other, cryptocurrencies. The situation is the same in all online establishments across the world, not only India. So, why this happens? It is a trend because using virtual currencies is safe, untraceable and comes with lower or non-existing fees of any kind. Using a cryptocurrency to load your account and play is a bit more complicated than using real money but it is still more beneficial than you can imagine. Some gamblers prefer this method also because they but a virtual currency at a lower rate and sell it at a higher one. This increases their profit.

Transactions Without Any Cash At All

Regardless are you planning to deposit funds or to withdraw them to your bank account, cashless transactions are there to assist you. Now you don’t have to go to a casino carrying a huge amount of money nor have you to carry that money away from a casino. All you need are a bank account and a credit card. You will be able to make deposits instantly and to load your account, or you will be able to withdraw the funds and spend them without moving from your chair at home. This trend has been with us for a long period of time and it is one of those that will remain as long as there are online casinos, so indefinitely.

Constantly Evolving Online Casino Security

Yes, the security almost all online casinos offer at the moment is better than ever before. They used 128-bit encryption technology which is decent and still one of the toughest to crack. But, many online establishments are using 256-bit technology these days. It is much safer and it cannot be hacked. This is a trend we will continue to see and the one we all appreciate. After all, you want to stay as safe as possible while gambling online and while using your credit card and personal information details. In the near future, many of the online casinos will add all-new security technologies such as face recognition and artificial intelligence.


These were trends that are the most popular in all online casinos in India. They will remain common and popular in the future as well. All of these trends have the same role or mission to provide. They make online gambling, better, more appealing and safer.