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Chauranga Hindi Movie Review: Upcoming hindi drama film which will come to theaters on this Friday Chauranga tells the story of a 14-year-old Dalit boy, Santu, who wants to go to school like his older brother Bajrangi. However, his destiny is pre-written in a village that is steeped in caste-hierarchy, oppression and debauchery. Rebelling against societal norms, Santu dares to harbor a dangerous infatuation for the village strongman’s daughter. Unaware of the consequences, Santu boldly expresses his love by writing a letter.What will happen when this letter falls into the hands of the girl’s father? How far will Santu’s defiance take him? So Before Going To Movie Check OUt Chauranga Hindi Movie Review Rating (4/5) – First Day Collection Reports By Bollywood critics

Chauranga Hindi Movie Review Rating

Chauranga Hindi Movie Review & Story Line

Chauranga Movie Review:A fourteen-year-old Dalit boy (Soham Maitra) is growing up in an unnamed corner of India. His dream is to go to a town school like his elder brother (Riddhi Sen) and his reality is to look after the pig that his family owns. His only escape is to sit atop a Jamun tree and adore his beloved (Ena Saha) passing by on her scooter. His unspoken love is as true as his mother’s helplessness who cleans the cowsheds of the local strongman’s mansion, with whom she also has a secret liaison. When the boy’s elder brother comes on a vacation to the village, he soon finds out about his younger brother’s infatuation. The learned elder brother makes him realize the need to express his love and helps him write a love letter.

Chauranga Hindi Movie Story:

The most despicable character in recent times is that of the village priest played by veteran Dhritiman Chatterjee. The blind character literally gropes at everything he can lay his hands on, man woman, child and animal. It is the most naked and unabashed portrayal of evil in the garb of religiosity seen in recent memory.You wait for these characters to come to a suitably sticky end, but in vain. Nemesis is not an easy beloved to please in this village of the vile, populated by the scummiest specimens of humanity on the earth. To their credit these hateful are played by actors who don’t mind looking irredeemably corrupt and compromised.

Dhaniya’s two sons Bajrangi and Santu, played by Ridhi Sen and Soham Maitra, are the fulcrum of hope in this despondent scenario. Soham Maitra’s character Santu, an endearing mix of poverty-induced indignation and wide-eyed adolescence, anchors much of the film’s angst against injustice.Tragically Santu is much too young and inexperienced to shoulder the plot’s theme of omnipresent exploitation. Most of the time we end up looking at monstrously compromised and unhappy creatures of the dark trying to create a rhythm to their utterly futile existence.It is not an easy film to watch. Such is life.

 Artistes’ Performances:

Chauranga is rich in its subtle symbolism and brilliantly executed performances. Riddhi Sen and Soham Maitra as brothers, with their mutual protectiveness, are very endearing. The foreboding tone that helps Bikas Mishra create some memorable cinematic experiences would have fallen flat had it not been for seasoned actors like Tannishtha Chatterjee and Dhritiman Chatterjee. Sanjay Suri seems to be the weaker link as he looks too suave and polished to be village strongman, but considering he along with Onir are the producers of this film, we could choose to be more forgiving!All in all, Chauranga is highly engaging and in this new year, if you have resolved to watch some intelligent sensible cinema then look no further

Technical Excellence:

In fact, Chauranga is interesting in how it shows that a disadvantaged woman could use the exploitation to her own advantage, being more proactive than her mute upper caste counterparts. That, perhaps, is the only way out for her. So Santu’s mother Dhaniya (Tannishtha) will play the sex game if it ensures that her sons can get educated and rise above their limiting situation in life.

Chauranga Hindi Movie Rating – (4/5)

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 Movie from the box office of Bollywood is going to release on This 8th januray 2018. The first Reports for the Movie , Which relelased on 21st October 2015 for the film festival feedbacks are showed that , Chauranga is one of the Must Watch movie and The Movie rated with 3.5 out of 5 Classic Movie for the Year 2015.