World’s Longest Cable Car to be built at Kedarnath: World’s Master piece in the making


Kedarnath is one of the pilgrimage spot for many Hindu devotees. Every Year crores and crores of people travel to visit the Kedarnath Shiv Temple.It is open from April to end of September or October depending on the rains and the snowfall.

As many devotes travel to visit the temple, it is one of the most visited temple in the country but many are still not able to come due to its 22km long trek. People with joint pains or old age are not recommended to come as the trek is steep and very small track is available for the people to go and come.

Building the World’s Longest Ropeway

Keeping this in Mind, the government of Utrakhand had planned to make world’s longest rope way till Kedarnath for the convenience of the devotees.

It is going to take devotees to Kedarnath temple from Sonprayag in just 60 mins. 9.7 km long ropeway was started to be built in November 2021 and it expected to be completed in November 2023.

After the same has been inaugurated, it will be very convenient for general public to visit the temple which seems difficult of impossible for few as of now.

The Gaurilkund-Kedarnath project

Currently it takes around 7-8 hours for people to complete the Kedarnath trek and it is expected that after the rope way starts couple operations, it will only take 1 hour for people to reach the Kedarnath Temple. It could be possible for common public to do too and fro in a single day easily.

The Rope way is being built on the altitude of 3583 m above sea level. The new technology of Tri-cable Detachable Gondola (3S) is being used to make the ropeway. It is expected that around 3600 passengers can travel each direction in one hour in each direction.

Shri Kedarnath Dham Ropeway Route Map

Sonprayag => Munkatiya => Gaurikund => Jungle Chatti => Bheembali => Rambara
=> Ghinurpni => Garurchatti => Ghora Padav => Shri Kedarnath Dham

The ropeway is very safe mode of transportation and it is environment friendly as well. This major development will increase religious tourism. It is expected that this rope way will be affordable as well unlike other mode of transport like helicopter which is very expensive.


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