This is what shines up their life! | PV Sindhu , Elli Avram and many more!


    Every one is geared up for Diwali , being helmed as the festival of lights , which fights all the evils and darkness in one’s life and in society as a whole , it is also remembered as a festival which makes one to radiate and shine from within.

    So lets ask some prominent sportsperson and film personalities on what make their light bulb glow during dark hey times.

    Starting with the India’s pride , PV Sindhu , she says “The hard work which I put before every winning game is what makes me shine from within , I also do self talk to keep the light burning in me. I always tell myself that I must give my best and that winning streak gives me the strength and lights me up!”

    She also adds “During times when everything gets tough and dark , I rely on my inner motivation to keep me going , I do some stretching , listen to soothing music and meditate  to generate that light and to keep the fighting spirit on in me!”

    Talking to Elli Avram , the model turned actor looks happy this Diwali and she says “Any happy news about my family charges me like anything . I am a family oriented person , so I take inspiration from real life stories of hope , courage , strength and determination , which help me to steer clear the darkness in my life. When I see an old couple walking , holding hands together , I feel there is still love and eternal happiness in this world!”

    Saina Nehwal’s take on this is quite different , as she says “This diwali I pray to the Almighty to keep all my fellow colleagues healthy and injury free so that they could prove their worth in their own fields!”

    She adds , “Apart from this , I have recently experienced a dark phase in my life , where my career received a downfall in Olympics 2016 , so the hard core training and exercising relieves my stress and lights the bulb in me and for playing Badminton for more than 18 years , there is nothing that would match the feeling of winning a match after such a hard work , and if that pays off , another bulb shines in me.”

    Renowned singer Sonu Nigam was quoted saying , “My life is always lit , all thanks to the Almighty. But it shines even more brighter when I am around like minded people , I want to experience a new day , which would keep me going and right now my son Neevan is my light bulb.”

    Neil Nitin Mukesh ,  actor speaks on it , “Inspiration is what lights me up , the spark I generate is owed to kinds of people , one are my role models and other are the people I share similarities with. I like questioning people , whether it is relevant or irrelevant , so to seek the answer or the truth which lies in it makes me shine more brighter and keeps the spark alive!”