The Toughest battle !!! Heart VS Brain…


    Have you ever given a thought that why we deal with multiple emotions in a short time. You cry when you are too happy, you shout when you are too sad and many instances alike.

    Why we come across with these situations ? Reason being is our HEART, Vault of all the feelings. Brain is there to think rationally but when it comes to heart it deals emotionally. In a day there are multiple situations where we face dilemma and then we need to take the decisions wisely.

    Heart logic and mind logic are often two different things.

    It has to feel right and make sense to move forward with ease. If it doesn’t feel right, but it seems to make sense, pause and investigate within. If it feels right but doesn’t make total sense, ask the mind to trust the heart a little more. The HEART’s usually the wiser of the two.

    Image result for battle heART VS BRAIN

    Its most difficult to manage the balance between them. But sometimes you gotta listen to your brain as well just to save your heart and let it win the conflict as your heart is not always right because it plays emotionally. There are few instances where your brain knows that the situation, thing or person is right or not but your heart takes a lot of time to accept it, because of the feelings attached. Lets take an example of LOVE, Falling in love is like jumping off a really tall building, your brain tells you its not a good idea but you can fly in soothe.

    This is a never ending conflict which runs in our thought and the only solution to it is : FOLLOW YOUR HEART BUT TAKE YOUR BRAIN ALONG WITH YOU…


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