Who is God? and what is the purpose of our existence?


    As they say god created us humans, animals, plants and almost all the things of the world. I have grown up by hearing the word “BHAGWAN”. Who is he? I asked this question to almost every soul and concluded that he is responsible for everything. He is a Giver (G) Organizer (O) and Destroyer (D) at least this made me familiarized me with the existence of an imaginary soul present around us. Whatever I am saying is purely based on my experiments with life and many of you won’t agree to this. 

    I believe that life is one and I have to do every possible thing to get bad and good experiences so that when I am gone I go with a satisfaction that I tried everything practically and I am responsible of everything which happened. I am saying that I am responsible because I have seen people putting blame on others if something bad goes and if we don’t get anyone we blame the GOD. 

    Like when we fail “God wanted to teach us” Really? In my opinion we fail because physically and mentally we were not prepared. How many of you don’t agree to this fact that if we practice be it in any discipline we master it than our chances of failure diminishes and probability of better results goes up. God may have send us but when we are born our soul, heart and mind are pure and blank. If a child is sitting in between thousands of people and laugh almost every person will find that cute but at the same time when a grown up does the same it turns out to be offensive. Why a person grown up can’t be pure and childish. Why everyone around start judging him/her are we ourselves so good that we become judgmental about everyone.  

    In my opinion GOD is like a Parent, he may have made us but he is not responsible of what we do. He is just like a parent who sends their child to play outside it doesn’t matter what kind of game the child is playing. It affects when the child gets hurt. No one is born bad and who have come with the concept of bad and good, wrong and right. We the civilized people .When we look back the humans use to live in open they were not familiarized with the word like manners, etiquette they just did what they like and eventually that period was called stone age. But today when a person tries the same like doing what they want people around won’t entertain this. 

    They start feeling that what kind of person is this. I am not advocating terrorist, murderers, rapist, kidnappers but the simple question which keeps on pounding in my mind whenever I hear something like this will they do it if it is wrong in their eyes. Who have not done any mistake in their respective life and have either learned or have gone with the wind. Aren’t we the civilized people responsible for their existence? Whatever or whoever a person is he/she is not born like that , time flows we learn , we grow and we are taught right and wrong. It is just that the definition of right and wrong changes. Many people think drinking is a bad habit but many do and don’t think in a similar manner. The question is punishment or realization what matters. 

    Even the prostitutes especially in India we can’t avoid this fact that we see prostitutes as a bad person be it a male or female but what I have learned is that they are better at least they are earning from what they like to do they are not ashamed of their identity and we the civilized people are ashamed of ourselves. We care what other people think about us. It is good to be a nice human being but who is perfect. Everyone at least deserves a chance to learn from their mistakes but we are human beings we don’t remember the good things about a person we believe in highlighting the bad aspects of a person. If we have so many problems from the bad creatures then why don’t we take the initiative of changing them as a responsible good human being? In my eyes a good person is someone who has done lots of mistakes and has learned from it and whoever supported him/her in this move on procedure is the greatest friend.