“Whatsapp FootPrint : A new problem with Whatsapp ! “


    Thats not really mindblowing to know our so favourite Whatsapp has to deal with an issue again.

    An iOS researcher named Jonathan Zdziarski claimed that Whatsapp has got a bug to deal with. Though , it has introduced end-to-end encryption in the month of April , which has seen an overwhelming response from all the ‘netizens’ worldwide.

    Still , the user needs to be alert while sending any messages through Whatsapp. As claimed by the iOS researcher  J. Zdziarski , Whatsapp may contain some forensic traces of the messages which we may have deleted , cleared or archived or even those which don’t want to see again.

    Those messages which we want to erase from our chat history as well as from our life , may not get deleted at all , it just might be hidden and yes hidden from you !

    So the user’s privacy is again at risk with this app. So beware while sending any kind of message after which you may repent of not sending it at the first instance.

    Explaining the process of how Whatsapp still tries to remain those traces of our deleted messages is kind of simple.

    Remember everytime when Whatsapp asks us to “Create a Backup”, there is where we fall short of subtlety and when the backup is created though you already might have cleared or even permanently deleted few messages , its backup path will be restored and its traces will be archived in the Whatsapp Database through your iPhone or Android Database.

    So this clearly indicates ,  the backup can be shown anywhere even on your iCloud backup and in the desktop backup as well.

    There is a mighty relief as desktop backup can be protected by enabling “Encrypt Backups” options in iTunes but unfortunately , iClouds backup doesn’t give us this very option which can make our Whatsapp database subject to law enforcement warrants and all.

    Zdziarski claims comes right after some top authorities in Brazil held some $11 million assets of social media giant Facebook , when it refused to accept the court order to share messages and other few details of a user who uses this messaging app called Whatsapp.


    There can be a solution to this , only through software improvisation of  Whatsapp that can be done through various ways , one of them is SQLite database which can be developed in such a way that it will not be backed up again.

    Guys , a piece of advice don’t hush to your phone and check Whatsapp messages right after reading this , breath a relief , as if you really want to permanently delete those “never want to see “ messages , delete Whatsapp entirely and re-install it.

    But as per the guidelines of Whatsapp it states that “Deleted messages are permanently wiped off from your phone”. Now , we just have to wait for an answer from this giant messaging app against the claims made by the  iOS researcher Jonathan Zdziarski.