Denying the HighCourt’s Order, WhatsApp will share the Information to Facebook !!


Whatsapp Facebook Deal in which the WhatsApp can share the contacts and Data with the Facebook users was disapproved by the Indian Government, according to the New Privacy policy by Whatsapp that it can share the contacts with the Facebook !!

According to the New Policy WhatsApp can Share the Data with Facebook from September 27th as per the Deal, The petition was raised against this and the issue was presented in the court and the Delhi High court had announced its Verdict that WhatsApp is Not allowed to share any Data with Facebook !!   

The Facebook company that is the Parent company of Whatsapp had denied the order given by the court and said that WhatsApp will run according to the New Privacy Policy.

“We have taken note of the fact that under the privacy policy of WhatsApp, the users are given an option to delete their WhatsApp account at any time, in which event, the information of the users would be deleted from the servers of WhatsApp,We are, therefore, of the view that it is always open to the existing users of WhatsApp, who do not want their information to be shared with Facebook, to opt for deletion of their account,” The Bench said 

The ruling has no impact on the planned policy and terms of service update” Said WhatsApp official

The Whatsapp has not made any changes in the Privacy policy even after the order given By High court, India !!


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