What are you doing at this Dandiya Night??


    Thanking the Almighty who have listened to our prayers and blessed us with clear and sunny skies which have brought us a much needed cheer for this Dasara.

    The fervour at this Dasara 2016 is building up at different venues across many states in India. Where people belonging to different communities are set to play their traditional dance form “Garba”.

    And not to forget their “Dance Sticks” , lovingly called “Dandiya”. And the most lovable thing is that it is just not a festival , where couples dance together at much awaited Dandiya night , infact Dandiya nights since many years has seen a mixed blend of people.

    And  they all take their “Preparation Lesson” very seriously.  It is always nice to see men , women and children dressed in their traditional attire atleast once year and get themselves so well groomed and hit the dance floor with their dandiyas like never before.

    Infact , Dandiya Nights have been a match maker for many , where the parents used to steer clear their eyes past potential bride or groom to zero in on a perfect match for their children.

    Now a days , party hoppers are seen not only with friends , but with spouse , boy / girlfriend at club parties. And right now Dandiya is  for the Parivaar!!

    Most good thing is that there is no serve of liquor which makes it an engaging for children and elderly could also accompany the potential Dandiya dancers.

    People now consider Dandiya as a “mela” where we meet our lost friends , far far distance relatives and could see and meet people from different walks of life. This create the mood perfect for Dandiya – upbeat and funky! And the endless chatter of ladies , just fill the air with the excitement.

    One of the DJ in the city , shared his views “I performed at the ISB a few years ago , the atmosphere there was pretty awesome . As the dandiya was not only played on Indian music , International music was accepted with an open arm!”

    “Dandiya nights have to be a large and appealing night , where it requires big sound system and infrastructure and this also gives emerging talented singers a better platform go showcase their Gujarati folk songs with a very refreshed tone” adds DJ Rishabh.

    As people bask in the richness of culture and heritage and Deejays keenly promises a night to remember , then what are you waiting for ? Go book a colourful night for yourself amidst cheerful crowds and ofcourse in a soulful musical environment!