We’re Corporates is a fiction written by Sudarsan Nagarajan. The book reflects the harsh realities of the Corporate World. The book revolves around three characters, namely, Ajay, Meghna and Suraj. Ajay lives with his wife Krithika and a daughter. He is an experienced software professional who quits his corporate job and searches for other government jobs to have satisfaction and happiness in life. Meghna is a young and cheerful girl who loves partying and enjoying her life to the fullest. She was a corporate fresher but was not able to bear the pressures in office, and hence, voluntarily absconds and accepts to marry for settling in life. Suraj was a young and passionate software developer, and only child of his parents. He was excellent at his job and the company gave him perks and promotions. Suraj was fired from the company due to recession and looks his life bizarre. 

    The book has an honest plot. It portrays how government jobs are better than the corporate jobs and various myths related to the corporate sector. This book clearly highlights how the corporate world works and how the three characters struggle in their lives to achieve something extraordinary. It’s an inspirational story about three people and their lives, which illustrates about mastering the challenges and raising in life with their own experiences. The book is dedicated to all the striving hard employees of the corporate people, who knowingly or unknowingly chose their destinies to live with it. People must read this book as the storyline and views are quite different from other books.