Video: Muslim Man proposes girl in the middle of road, was forced to apologize for acting against Islamic religious tenets !


    A young Muslim man from Bhiwandi proposed a girl in the middle of road, blocking the road for a while. Little did he know that he would be forced to apologize for this act of his.

    The incident happened in broad daylight, the man kneeled down in front of the girl with a flower in his hand and proposed her. They later hugged each other and drove away in the car.

    A video of the incident went viral on youtube and the man was threatened by local religious groups and made to apologize. The man apologized, accepting his proposal and hug as a “mistake” and urged them to leave the girl and the family alone. In his apology video he says that he is responsible for his actions and he does not want any trouble for the girl or her family. He even confirms to any punishment as maybe.

    The girl’s father has lodged a complaint in the thane police station for the threats that they were receiving.

    National Lokhind Party and Raza Academy accused the young couple of acting against Islamic religious tenets. The National Lokhind Party also promised to make the couple do squats in public, but later retracted the statement saying they would take legal action against them for stopping traffic.

    Narendra Meghrajani, assistant commissioner of police, Bhiwandi region, told the daily, “Forcefully taking the couple to a dhaba and making the man apologise amounts to wrongful restraint and kidnapping.” As the number of people involved were more than five, a case of rioting has also been registered against them.
    Public intervention in matters of private lives of individuals has been a matter of concern and condemnation, in this case however, police stood by the couple and ensured them saftey.