Video : Mtv Splitsvilla 9 Episode 2, 18th June 2016


    Mtv Splitsvilla 9 Episode 2 18th June 2016 : There are huge fans for Splitsvilla 9 and as we know most of them will be unable to watch the show on MTV. So, they will be keep on searching over the internet and youtube for the Splitsvilla 9 Episodes 1 and 2. The Splitsvilla is hosted by Ranvijay and Sunny Leone 

     As in episode 1 they introduced the contestants of the MTV Splitsvilla 9 and also make the girls who are the princess to choose two for each person. Finally, three contestants were dreaming and they are in the dumping zone.  Watch the video of Spiltsvilla 9 episode 2 to seen who survived the dumping zone and who left the villa on this Saturday. You can also watch it on Voot App for splitsvilla 9. 

    Mtv Splitsvilla 9 Episode 2 Video 

    MTV Splitsvilla 9 1st Episode Contestants Names

    Boys Contestants of Splitsvilla 9 2016

    1)Aditiya Singh Rajput
    2)Varun Sood
    4) Nikhil Sachdeva
    5) Anuranjan Awasthi
    6) Ishaan Singh Manhas
    7) Karan Chhabra
    8) Karan Khanna
    9) Archie
    10) Abhishek
    11) Harshit
    12) Subhashish
    13) Akhil
    14) Sushant

    Girls Contestants of Splitsvilla 9 2016
    1) Kavya
    5) Neharika
    6) Rajnandani