When it meant to happen it does!!!


    Was reading this book by Varsha Dixit “Wrong Means Right End”  love to!! I t would really be a portentous experience for a people who like to read love stories.

    Now let me introduce to my favorite  character  in the book ,Nikhil Chandel the perfect dream man for every woman . The description made me  make a clear picture of a personality like that one in my head. I just fell in love with that guy so perfect in every possible way… Those green eyes that personality simply amazing . Smart ,confident and successful  businessman yet so caring , romantic and understanding . The perfection with which he does the things make you a crazy fan of his .

    The story revolves around him and Sneha who is a single mother and has a cute son named Advey. It’s about Nikhil and Sneha meet and the various which make them meet again and again and get them closer to every meet of theirs. Even Advey also starts liking Nikhil. 

    After going through a variety  of situations  at the end all three are together and its like forever.

    The best part of the book is not a teenage love story Its the story of two people who met each other at a stage of life were in past they have had a lot of bad experiences . In the attempt of staying away from each other, they fall of each other . If I simply it I can say this book taught : LOVE  it can happen at any time it’s not bothered about your age or who you are its the tuning  which must happen when that happens nothing else is required everything falls in its place. It’s like “when  it’s meant to It does” .