Warangal Techie was brutally murdered in USA, California by an unidentified assailant.


     Warangal Techie was brutally murdered in USA California by an unidentified assailant.

    27 year  Vamsi Chander Reddy from Warangal district of Telangana, who was pursuing his MS degree in Computer science in America, California was shot dead near the garage of his apartment. 

    The cops had arrived on hearing the bullet sounds and found Vamsi lying on the ground with bullets around; The cops suspected that a Black guy had shot him to rob his money and Car. 

    The news was given to his parents by the US police; the deceased parent Vangapahad said that he had received the call from The US police Sunday morning.

    “He was in regular touch with us. He called me on Friday and was worried about the dwindling job opportunities in the US following the restrictions imposed by the new government. I told him to come back to India if he did not get any job there. But he has now gone forever,” a wailing Reddy said.

    Vamsi Completed his engineering in Vastalya Insitute of science and Technology in Bhongir and moved to the US in 2014 to purse his MS degree, He was doing a part time job in a departmental store and was looking for a permanent job in the city.