Video : Another shocking incident in Bengaluru, men on scooter molest woman on New Year !


    Another Shocking incident on molestation on the New Years Eve in the city Bengaluru, Two men group a woman walking towards her home and Molest her. 

    The incident was caught on the CCTV camera near the residence of the woman in Kammanahalli 5th Main Road Bengaluru. The Footage shows the woman getting off an auto and walking towards her home, apparently two men come on a scooter and grope her.

    Among the two people, one of them get downs the scooter walks towards her and molest her and later drags her towards the scooter where the two men molest her before she tries to escape.  The incident took place around the 2.30 am on Sunday the early hours of new year eve.

    The incident was reported by the residents of the area and the CCTV footage was brought to the notice of the media houses and was informed to the police.  The CCTV footage also shows the auto and people behind the girl who doesn’t give an eye on the incident that creates a question wheater the incident was planned ?

    watch the CCTV footage here : 

    The Previous incident in Bengaluru where several women were molested in the group in the New year Eve’s celebration in the presence of 1500 cops shows the mentality of India’s top city Bengaluru.

    This incident brings shame to the city and the politicals who are not batting an eye towards it !