Uttar Pradesh : A man killed in the Dispute over cow Trafficking !!


    Uttar Pradesh : A truck with the cow was seized that lead to the dispute between the police and the  people in which a person was killed and many others were injured.

    A small truck in Ballia was seized by the police as the cows were taken without nay paperwork,The cops caught the driver who had escaped as from the place.

    The BJP leader who had come with the contradiction that the cops had taken amount of 50,000 from the driver and he raised the demand to release the cows.

    “The police station in-charge beat up the driver badly and also snatched Rs. 50,000 rupees from him. The driver contacted me in the morning and I went to the police station.

    Soon after the dispute the people started throwing stones at the cops and a man was shot in the firing done by the cops !!

    ” The cops were hit with stones and then we had to resort to a lathicharge. We were ready to hand over the cows provided we were given a legitimate receipt, but they were unwilling. There are allegations that the man has died in police firing but we have no such report that any cop fired at the protesters,” said the police official.