If you feeling depressed and bored in your vacations, then you must go and visit a tree house. A tree house or tree fort is a house built on or around a well grown tree, above ground level.  Generally, the term ‘ tree fort’ is used for recreation and not permanent homes. You will find tree houses in dense forests, usually evergreen and deciduous forests. The view from tree houses is just amazing and breathtaking. One will feel rejuvenated and lively. Inside of a tree house is well maintained and hygienic.   

    There is complete silence in tree houses. Tree houses are used for leisure purposes, for educational purposes or for short recreational purposes. One can connect with nature easily by living in a tree house. You must visit a tree house once in your lifetime. There are hundreds of tree houses around the world, of varied shapes, sizes and structures. the most famous tree houses are built in Japan. In India, one can find the most beautiful tree houses in South India, especially Kerala. The tree houses are completely Eco-friendly and sustainable. they are constructed by professional and specialised architectures and hence safety as well as security is ensured.
    Just like you book hotels and resorts for your stays at different destinations, similarly tree houses also have bookings and reservations. If you want to spend some special time with your loved ones and want to make them feel special, tree houses are a complete paradise and an exotic choice.