Top 10 concept cars you should know !


    While new cars are all about the present, concept cars are a preview to the future. Companies showcase wild designs and technologies, which one day may be available in your car as well. The Paris Motor Show this year were full of concept cars and a lot of them are quite interesting. Here are the best of the lot.

    Volkswagen I.D.

    After the diesel car scandal, Volkswagen is trying to create a new identity and electric might be the way to do it. The German car company gave us a glimpse of how electric cars from VW will look in the future. The I.D concept is powered by a 167hp electric motor. The company says that the EV will have a driving range of 400km to 600km. 

    Renault Trezor

    The French auto maker never misses a chance to show off its new concept vehicles. Earlier this year, the company showcased its Eolab concept at the Indian Auto Expo and at the Paris Motor show, the Renault Trezor made its debut. The Trezor  was easily one of the most beautiful and futuristic concept cars showcased at the event. One of the coolest features however is the way you get in — it has a pop-up canopy roof, something like a fighter jet.

    Hyundai RN30 Concept

    The Hyundai RN30 is a race derived variant of the i30, which comes under 
    the company’s performance N brand. The road-hugging car is designed for the race track and will be powered by a 2.0 litre engine, generating about 375hp, which will be transferred to all four wheels. 
    Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 

    When you count luxury car brands in the world, Mercedes’ Maybach brand is amongst the top three. Mercedes showcased its new Maybach 6 concept. This super luxury concept car was first showcased in August at a private event, but this was its first motor show debut. It is almost 20 feet long and reinvents the design of a luxury coupe. It has the signature Mercedes gullwing doors and an electric motor producing an impressive 740hp.

    Mercedes Generation EQ