This dress can automatically change its color in a single click !


    Technological development in the world has been progressing at a rapid rate and continues to do so as newer, more innovative ideas continue to dominate the modern, technology driven market. One of the latest facets of this ever growing evolution has been the advent of the new color changing dresses. Yes, you read it right, technology has been propelled to such an extent that you can change the color of your dresses with the mere touch of a button. This new color changing dress was designed by Showpo and has the ability to change it’s colors from a shade of blue to a shade of pink at the touch of a button. 

    The CEO of Showpo, Jane Lu proudly posted a video exhibiting this amazing new innovation and enthralling the large audience present. Due to the sheer level of technological advancement showcased here, many of the viewers were awe struck and some of them even went on to question the legitimacy of the video. 

    “I’m sorry but that looks fake”, commented one of the users. “Impossible. Simply impossible” was what another disbelieving user had to say. Some users took a rather diplomatic approach and didn’t openly show their disbelief, rather expressed a veiled skepticism of the same. Most of the viewers however were filled with awe and appreciated the innovative idea and praised Lu as a person who not only competes but dominates the market. 

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    While this new innovation is definitely going to strike a massive chord with the younger generation, a significant population of the older generation also seem to be captivated by this new innovation. With the world constantly undergoing change, innovation and improvisation are the only ways to remain competent in the market. Those who lack innovation will slowly fade out, never to rise again.