Things you should know about the Northern Lights..!!


    Northern lights also called as “Aurora borealis” is a beautiful naturally occurring phenomenon in the sky when the wind from the sun collides with the earth’s magnetic atmosphere. It usually occurs in the colour of green but they can also be seen in shades of red, violet, blue, green. This type of Phenomenon occurs only in the northern and southern parts of the earth. In the south, it is called as “Aurora australis”. 

    The best time to experience Northern lights is between 6 p.m to 6 a.m during the peak winters. It can be witnessed from many places in the northern part of the earth but scientifically the best place to view this wonder is “Norway” in Europe. There is a forecast for Aurora where you can see the places and time where it occurs: 

    The 5 interesting Facts about Aurora which most people doesn’t know are :

    1) It can also be viewed from the outer space

    2) The various colours caused in the sky when this turn up are due to the interference of various gaseous ions present in the atmosphere.

    3) The lights produced are best captured in a camera lens than by a naked eye.

    4) Other planets in the solar system like Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune also experience this phenomenon.

     5) The lights which appear are actually very far i.e 100 kms away from the earth.