The First Alone Airbag Jacket for Bike Riders To Be Out Soon


    Four wheelers are safe when it comes to accidents because of the presence of airbags in them. But for the bike riders there are hardly any lifesaving equipment.

    Keeping this in account, the bike riders will soon get airbag with many techs in the form a jacket for their safety.

    In & motion technology in collaboration with French motorcycle clothing specialist IXON designed a jacket which is smarter when compared to the airbags present in the car. What makes it special is its ability to get connected with a smartphone which will send alerts on the emergency numbers in case there is no movement for three minutes in the body of rider after an accident.

    Pierre François Tissot, CMO of In&Motion told that there is a device named in and box fit inside the jacket that will act as a brain for whole system. The sensors provided will calculate the movement of the rider by virtue of which it is capable of understanding any sort of accident. If an accident occurs the airbag will inflate at the rate of 100milliseconds protecting the wearer. Apart from this, if the jacket is simulated with smartphone then it will also send alerts on emergency number in case there is no movement in the body for three minutes.

    It is designed such that it will provide protection to the wearer’s shoulder, chest and spinal cord by inflating airbag and absorbing shock. It is provided with a front zip due to which it is easily wearable.

    The company has announced a revolution named “Airbag Revolution” under which selected 500 people will be gifted free jacket within two to three months.

    Earlier in 2015, In&Motion technology released the first ski airbag vest which received several awards and were marketed for the world cup by 7 major countries with 2 world titles won. It anticipates falls in order to activate before the impact.