The fear of leaving Home!


    As children, we were taught to stay close to our family as they protect us from all evils. We grow up with some idea drilled into our mind. Our parents, teachers, relatives and people surrounding us help us learn more and more and try there their level best to incorporate all that good things in us. In this process, we all usually get easily connected to them and we don’t realize it. Play and learn all with them.

    As years passed, studying in my hometown was not an option. I had to move Hyderabad against my will. It was my first time away from home. I kept tugging at my granny when daddy called out to us, saying we are running late for our train. I was escorted out and with brimmed up eyes I bid adieu to all. 

    I was moving to a new city, the city known for its rich history, food and multi-lingual culture, both geographically and culturally. If I am not wrong it’s the city of biryani! That provided me some solace and had been a die hard lover of biryani. My parents dropped me off and for the first time in eighteen years, I had to sleep by myself in a room all alone. And that too the room no bigger than my washroom back home. I cried myself to sleep that day. In the morning I saw some occupants around in my hostel busy unpacking their baggage and decorating their rooms, I faked my smile and some returned the same. Finding the way around was the task. So, in total my journey to the new city, new environment, new world already started and I had to get along with them facing any sort of difficulties in the way to fulfill the dreams of my parents.