We meet many people daily in our life but who is nice or who is fake? Isn’t that really difficult to figure out? Many people come in your  life just to use you. They have a mask on their face with some agenda hidden behind it. It’s all about thinking who is genuine and honest. When they say they are your friend or are you actually nothing more than a stepping stone along their path. It’s almost impossible to interpret who is nice and who is fake until and unless you don’t think of a million of people who have let you down.

     They came in your life just to fulfill their agenda and pretended to be your friend. They are so good at their part that it becomes difficult for people to decipher. After all this we are left alone in the dark wondering where those fake people came from. At a point of your life they may even become breathtaking. You remember them as you think back and recall all those moments when they came with their glooming hellos and over reaching promises. They may be amazing for a week or a month, they show their true faces once their agenda is complete. Friendship is one of the best aspects of life. Real ones will always stand by your side, even at times when you tell them to leave.

    A real friend will always hold a cup of coffee for you and a fake is always buying you one! STAY REAL STAY LOYAL