Sony launches slow-mo Xperia XZ Premium phone at MWC 2017, Check Specifications !


    Sony’s latest smartphone, Xperia XZ Premium, was launched on the first day of the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona. The latest smartphone is capable of filming smooth slow-motion footage at four times the rate possible on Apple and Samsung’s top-end models. It captures the video at up to 960 frames per second (fps).

    The technology has been used in Apple, Samsung, LG and Xiaomi’s recent handsets.

    Sony has 1% share of the market, according to the IDC. It shipped about half as many smartphones in 2016.

    The new technology is called Motion Eye by Sony.

    Motion Eye uses a three-layer stacked sensor fitted with one gigabit of dynamic random-access memory (DRAM). The sensor lets the component temporarily store a rapid burst of video data locally.

    Users can only capture 0.18 seconds of footage, which produces six seconds of video when played back.

    The technology is such that the built-in DRAM memory lets users record action that happened a second before they pressed the record button.

    Other high-tech features are:

    • It has 5.5in 4K resolution display. It has four times as many pixels as 1080p equivalents. Amazon Prime Video content can be played in high dynamic range. The HDR feature takes more vibrant images that reveal every extra detail compared to traditional pictures.
    • It has a mirrored body that allows the back of the device to be used just as a mirror. However, fingerprint marks will be left at the back.

    Francisco Jeronimo, from the market research firm IDC said, “Despite the new smartphone being one of the best devices at MWC, I don’t think it will make any change in Sony’s market share.”

    He also said that Sony now makes more money from selling phone cameras to its competitors than selling its own smartphones and Sony’s phones are just a means to show off its capabilities.