Sonia Sheikh, Transgender woman from Hyderabad Gang raped and burned needs your help !


A  Transgender from Hyderabad gang raped and thrown acid, people with different sexuality other a male or female are often treated abused and are not considered equal in the society.

This is Story of a Transgender woman was used troubled and thrown away as a trash, Sonia Sheik born in Muslim family with different sexuality, life was never easy for her,  No one in the family stood for support for her sexuality, even though her mother was allowing her to live with her she makes her own living as dancer by profession.

The 24-year-old transgender women met Nadeem at an event when she was 20, he followed her and took her number asking that he would offer her good events, they became good friends slowly, he would meet her often and come up to her house and her transgender community for her, he made her dream about living life with her. But things got worst when he started abusing her mother and the other people Sonia knew that he would abandon her.

Sonia decided to end it, she explained him words, when things got worst she even logged a complaint against him, but he wasn’t arrested.

After a long time he called Sonia to apologise, it was a trap for her, Sonia unaware of his plan accepted his apology, it wasn’t over then, he insisted her to meet for One last time, he reached her to the workplace and waited for her, she agreed to meet him she went on to his car and found another person sitting in the car with him, On asking he said her he was going to a farm house of a friend, she was scared and hesitant but agreed and later they started abusing her verbally and later she was sexually assaulted by Nadeem and his friend, they threatened to kill her later.

They raped her while driving back to the city, she tried to open the door to escape but couldn’t, later they threw acid on her face and threw her outside the car.

Sonia Shouted for help but no one approached her she reached home somehow and she fell unconscious next day she was in the hospital.

It was the worst day of her life she says in an interview which was shot by an NGO of acid attack survivals.Transgenders are also Humans! It’s the time for the society to accept Humans as Humans, not as Male Female or Transgender or Gay. See a Human as Human First.

Sonia aspired to become businesswomen run a business for her and her family, you can give a supporting hand to Sonia so that she can make her life Normal again the initiative is started by ” make love not scars ” cloud funding platform ketto

Please give Sonia your support!


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