Siddharth Malhotra’s Diwali Memories!


    Diwali , the festival of lights is around the corner and as the preparation for the same has been started on a large scale , a Bollywood heart throb remembers his olden days and how he celebrates this festival of lights with his new found film friends in Mumbai.

    Whether it is binging on his favourite Jalebis at a local sweet market in his native town in Delhi or eating delicacies made by his beloved mother. The actor who has been successful in making a mark for himself in a competitive era of Bollywood , reminisces on which sweet he is fond of , and what makes celebrating Diwali at home more memorable than any other thing.

    Talking about his personal background , Siddharth hails from a humble family which is not related to film background from any angle , and he is so frank enough to say “I got my stardom just 2 years ago” , though he started his film career with Karan Johar’s Student Of The Year back in 2012.

    He talks about his special connection with Delhi , “Delhi is my home , a place where I grew up , got wonderful memories of my adolescent days. Delhiites are so friendly and warming . Whenever I visit Delhi , I always feel I have not spend enough time over there , and will be little more greed to remain close to this place as more as I can. But the film commitments have to be met , and apparently I have to say good bye to my home , only for some time!”

    Siddharth’s Diwali Memories in his native town , Delhi:

    He starts with an air of excitement , which can be clearly recognized by his sudden tone in voice which says “Ah! During those days , all my cousins used to throng our home and the elders used to play the host to all of them. They were the one to play cards and being a kid I used to just hide behind my parents and watch , or sometimes got lucky enough to collect gifts on their behalf.”

    “I love food , I have lot of sweet tooth. For me , festival is undoubtedly is linked with food. Mummy used to make it in a very special way as it was the time to show case her culinary skills and used to prepare an extravaganza meal for all of us , right from chicken , sabzi , chapatti, dal and varied menu of deserts” he adds.

    When talked about his love for sweets , he gushes “Sweets! We would try barfis and not to forget gujiyas. But my all time favourite will always be Jalebis and Besan ke Laddus , I cannot cheat them!”.

    He becomes diplomatic to talk about which is his favourite fire crackers thanks to the ongoing China vs India Firecrackers stiff competition in the nation.

    Siddharth’s Diwali Memories in Mumbai :

    Now coming to his present life in Mumbai , where he lives all alone and spending Diwali away from family would have been tiresome and have left him feeling lonely , on this he says “Yeah , it has been so many years , here in Mumbai , I perform Puja with my friends and as you said , I do live alone here so the best option apart from puja is to chant Gayatri Mantra , which I always do with lighting diyas all on my own.”

    He continues , “Then we would go to Amit ji’s house at Jalsa , play cards while bonding with Akshay Kumar , in fact the whole industry is generally present over there , so it is difficult to keep a tab on time.”

    Siddharth’s take on Fawad Khan and Pakistan Artistes as a whole :

    He also shares his views on why Pakistan artistes must be given cinematic liberties to act in Indian Cinema , “I have watched ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ , people had a notion that it is some different kind of film relating to the current political scenario , but trust me there is nothing such like that , in fact Fawad Khan has just a cameo in it. I am happy that Karan’s film has been released and I really do not mind standing for him in such a crucial time.”

    “And I think people should not create borders when it comes to subjects like art and cinema , we are all humans and should respect such sensibilities!” he signs off , and does not forget to wish a prosperous Diwali to everyone out there!