Shah Rukh Khan Detained at the International Airport,Los Angles !!


     The Bollywood Star Shahrukh khan who frequently visits Us for his work and commitment was detained at the American Airport.

    The actor was detained at the American airport and this was the third time in seven years the actor had faced the problem.

    The Shiv Sena leaders had to say about the problem faced by khan “This has been a common occurrence with Shah Rukh at most big US airports. Still, this tolerant actor goes to the US repeatedly, only to get insulted,”

    He should have returned, displaying patriotic  credentials, and telling the US that ‘I won’t step into your country if you are going to insult me in this manner

    Had he done so, it would have been a slap on the face for America. The US views every Muslim as a terrorist,”said the sena leaders 

    The US takes every Muslim as terrorist and the shiv Sena leaders said the Khans of Bollywood should show the right path for the Muslims he said ” The Khans of Bollywood should take to Twitter to ‘show direction’ to misguided youth in Kashmir who are on a rampage, ”