Say yes to fruits !


    It is said that “health is our greatest wealth” , so why should we compromise with it when we have a whole lot variety of tasty as well as healthy fruits available . Yes .. you heard it right FRUITS !

    They not only tasty but also stores of essential nutrients. So here’s a list of fruits you shouldn’t miss out on. 
    1. Bananas
    This fruit not only boosts your metabolism but also is a major source of vitamin C which helps improve your immune system . It also helps to fill your stomach faster , so the next time you are running late , don’t forget to grab a banana.
    2. Apples
    Well as the saying goes “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” , this fruit actually helps in reducing the risk of diseases such as hypertension, cancer , diabetes. So next time does think before skipping it.
    3. Grapes
    Grapes are a rich source of antioxidants as well as fibre . They help in lowering cholesterol from the blood.
    4. Plum
    Plums not only helps in maintaining your eyesight but also act as natural laxatives to keep the bowel habits in check.
    5. Strawberries
    They not only help you look younger by keeping wrinkles at bay but also help fight all the bad cholesterol and inflammation. 
    6. Pineapple
    Despite the tough and spiky exterior , the sweetness of this fruit is surely going to keep wanting for more.
    It thwarts cold and promotes healthy and strong bones and gums . 
    So next time before skipping fruits think of the benefits that you’ll be losing.  Be healthy and stay fit because “your body is the most priceless possession , you have to take care of it.”