Sashivarnam chathurbhujam Or, prasanna vadanam dhyayeth sarvavignopa shanthaye !!

    Come September, and its the best time of the year! 
    Magnificent Pandals, evenings filled with fun and frolic; Bappa brings together people from all walks of life.
    Undoubtedly it is a feast to the Human eye, and a big hole in the money bag and a huge abuse to Mother Earth.
    Confused? so am I.
    It is a wonder how we are so blind, to the bare and naked truth!
    1.Huge sums of money are spent in organising these, extravagant and elegant Pandals, making them both expensive and exaggerated!
    2.It is mentioned in the scriptures, that Ganesha’s idol should be made of either gold, or silver, or copper, or if none of the above, clay!
    Thankyou, censex; the first three options are out of question for many; save a few Ambanis and Birlas; the last option, however, is one that is both economical, and recommended 
    But, Excuse me! we are Indians, we don’t do what is right.
    So,. JAI P.O.P GANESHA! 
    3.The bigger the idol, the more pious you are? rephrasing, the more harm you emboss on Mother Earth, the more pious you are?
    Twisted right? Well, that’s the thing about truth, it’s always twisted and a pain to hear!
    It is the heart of the worshipper that calls for his auspicious presence, not the height of the idol, or the fortune spent on acquiring it.
    Oh, Foolish Devotees! open your eyes and heart, share and spread if not; save and accumulate for yourself, if not for others, we know you are rich enough! and don’t need a demonstration.
    This was quite a  passionate write-up, but better passionate than P.O.P! 
    Sincerely, hoping for a change, and an ECOFRIENDLY, NOT ECOFRIENDLY society