Sachin: A Billion Dreams movie Review and Rating, Sachin all set to touch Billion hearts!


    Sachin: A Billion Dreams movie Review and Rating:

    Sachin! Sachin! This chant covers the whole stadium when the God enters the cricketing stadium to so his magic. Director James Erskine though a westerner has done well in touching the chords of every Indian’s heart with his art of directing in this movie which is not just a compilation of videos which gives insights regarding Sachin more closely but also makes this movie time feel as a festive time for the billion Indians who love Sachin more than their life as he shouldered the responsibility of taking care of Indian respect from a tender age and held it even in bad times like fixing when whole nation was in shock and trauma.

    Sachin: A Billion Dreams movie Review

    Well coming to the movie Sachin: A billion dream, it has to be said without any doubt the job done by James Erskine by gathering people who are not actors and having a great movie from start to end under the category of documentary drama is highly appreciable. The movie gives a great insight over the rise of Sachin Tendulkar and how simultaneously cricket grew as a religion for India. The voiceovers by Harsha Bhogle, Boria Majumdar and Gideon Haigh added to the feeling how near we are to the reality of reatching the cricket with Sachin playing again.

     Then you get goosebumps when another great batting legend Ricky Ponting says how Sachin inspired him and when Wasim Akram speaks regarding his first impression when he saw Sachin as a teenager. Then as every Bollywood movie one can see the beautiful love story of Sachin and Anjali but unlike other Bollywood movies here love story is kept bit short knowing pretty well that there are lot of legendary deeds of Tendulkar which are needed to be covered in this movie. 

    Then A.R. Rahman’s musical scores is like cherry on the top of the cake for this movie. Bringing these all together and scripting the compilations of videos which without good compilation could have looked messy, one can say how good James Erskine has done here and in this movie he should get majority of credits for bringing in a festive time in India with this movie which is sure to match everyone’s expectation.

    So, if you have not booked the ticket then go and watch this great work of James Erskine featuring your very own Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

    Sachin: A Billion Dreams movie Rating:3/5