Rob Kardashian Leaks private pictures of Blac Chyna


    The most controversial family in the Entertainment history. The family always ends up making the same mistakes or some trend in their family. However, this time the Rob Kardashian has stood up and taken revenge on his ex-fiance. The Rob Kardashian has uploaded uncomfortable pictures of his ex-fiance on social media platform.

    Is such act Called Revenge Porn?

    Blac Chyna has finally responded to the Rob Kardashian saying “Rob you did all of this, but you beat me up I swear to the god!!!! on my kids, but I’m suppose to be quiet because you are a Kardashian.

    There is no doubt that the whole fiasco is all about Money and Revenge. The Blac Chyna is seeking all legal options to sue the Rob over leaking her private pictures and videos of her online.

    The ironic part is that the sisters have shut their doors down for the Media so that they can come up with better answers for the people. Now that they have made the world upset one more time.

    Where did Everything start?

    Rob Kardashian hooked up with the Blac Chyna, and they started to date for a long time until the rumors began to build that there is a stress, which has built up in between their relationship. Rob has engaged to Blac Chyna April of 2016 until they officially announced that they are breaking up. It usually happens between them in every few weeks. One day Blac Chyna calling names like “Fat and Lazy,” which was leaked by a hacker, then Rob has posted a photo of an empty house on Social Media, saying that “She has left me with my Baby Dream.”

    After few days they have posted happy family photos on Social Media.

    Rob Kardashian took this to Instagram and posted some of the controversial Pictures & Video of Blac Chyna, where she is laying down with another man. He managed to provide evidence that Blac Chyna has been unfaithful to Rob for a long time and Rob has spent thousands of dollars on her, and he claims the money back from her.

    However, this act is called “Revenge Porn,” where the convict uses the Explicit content to commit the crime.

    California has always been one step ahead and “revenge porn,” or the committing the offense by Sharing nude,  sexually explicit content to an individual without victim consent will be considered as a “Revenge Porn.”

    It will be interesting to see how well things will work out for the Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna.