Rajinikanth Telugu ( Tamil ) Kabali Movie Review and Rating | Hit or Flop


    Kabali movie review and rating | Hit or Flop : Well for the much anticipated movie of the month the great Kabali has been released all over the world and looks like there are mixed emotions all over the place. When some say it is sure the comeback for Rajini after Lingaa while some say it could have been more better! 

    Kabali Movie Review and Rating : 

    It all starts with our Thalaivar Super Star Rajinikanth coming back as Kabali 20 years after he was taken away by the Malaysian police in his flashback. The Malaysian cops somehow feel that Kabali has to be released from jail and bang! There goes the entrance Neruppu da! Kabali da! When Rajini does some pull ups just to show he is still a macho. The whole purpose of him coming out of jail and wipeout all the gangsters of 43 group(apparently that’s the name of the gangster group trying to kill Kabali) is for finding what happened to his wife. Who killed her and where was she buried.

      By all means the opposite gang tries to kill Rajini but our superstar as we know is one hell of a person and counter attacks every move with a neruppu da music background. Frustrated the 43 gang hires a lady assistant (Dhansika) to kill kabali. 

    In the meantime the story turns into a soothing note where Ameer(John Vijay) one of kabali’s most trusted friend takes him to a school where there are all kinds of high school dropouts becoming addicts. This school basically is a rehab center for all these people. There comes the flashback! And what actually happened and why kabali was in jail for 20 years. 

    With all the emotions that happened in the flashback kabali tries to find out people who killed his wife. In doing so a twist is revealed! The female assistant(Dhansika) who was hired by 43 gang turns out to be kabali’s daughter! And from her he finds out that his wife is alive too! The next scene is India… Namba Chennai! Where his wife Kumudhavalli (Radhika Apte) is taken by some people who treated her. Kabali and his daughter start the trail run to find their wife/mom for the next 30 mins of the movie. Finally! They come to know that she’s somewhere in Pondicherry with a French family and everyone gets reunited!! Yayy! For the family drama. Rajinikanth Telugu ( Tamil ) Kabali Movie Review and Rating | Hit or Flop

    In the meantime the main villain tries to eliminate kabali and his family and sends a few men to pondicherry. As usual he fights them and comes backs to Malaysia only to find out that all his trusted friends and either dead or in the hospital. A raged kabali plans on eliminating the 43 group and takes out single handedly… Ta da! End of story! Well end of the main storyline even though there are many bits and pieces here and there that needs to be watched only in the movie… Apart from that… This is pretty much it! All the characters have done extremely well to keep up their part. Our very own kabali superstar Rajinikanth has done a great job! A special mention to Radhika apte who was mind-boggling throughout the movie! 

    Final Verdict of Kabali Movie : 

    Over all even though there are a few dull scenes in the between, director Ranjith has done a good job altogether… Let’s see how the audience take it…

    Kabali Movie Rating : 3.5