Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something. It is a general phenomenon that can be seen everywhere nowadays. Let it be the projects of students in schools, colleges or people paying the bills, cleaning of the house, calling someone, buying some products etc. Delaying has become a habit of almost everyone. People delay their work until the last moment (deadline). Delaying is a very bad way of doing the things as it is mostly responsible for the poor work performance of many people, not completion of the work assigned, job demotions etc. a procrastinator is the person who procrastinate every work assigned to him. It is true that a procrastinator can never become a good manager. He/ She gets used to the way of delaying and postponing the work whether it is important or not. This reduces the efficiency as well as effectiveness in the work done and the style of doing the work. Procrastinators are not born they learn these habits from various sources in the environment. It is often assumed that a procrastinator cannot do a work well but it is not so, he may be fit for the work perfectly but due to his habit of delaying he may not able to project it out. Due to these reasons only he/she may feel guilty, inadequate, depressed or have self – doubt. The best way to avoid guilt is doing the assigned work in time and being more efficient. There is no fun in piling up the work and then doing that accumulated work in less time.