Police snatched his bike keys to trouble him , what he did next will amaze you !


    While riding vehicles on roads we the citizen of India make sure to follow traffic rules and have all the necessary documents like license and registered papers of the vehicles to (or “intending to”) not to face any difficulty. But there are times when people despite following traffic rules are being caught and harassed for no reason. And one such thing happened with a man called as Partha P Boruah.

    The Policemen in khaki stopped Partha’s bike, and he was questioned for about 3 minutes where the police asked Partha to show the license and registered documents of the motorcycle. But Partha was in the state of wonder about how come the policemen in khaki could perform the job which is only assigned to Traffic police.

    So he thought to stand up and raise voice against it, but to his surprise, the policemen just snatched his bike keys for no reason. And the next step he did was he went Live on Facebook where he stated about the happening. He mentioned every bit of information about the incident.

    According to Right To Information (RTI) filed by Pawan Parikh, it is said that taking out the key of any two or four wheelers is completely wrong. No Policemen, irrespective of any rank has the power to do this.

    After this incident on February 14th, 2017, after interrogation, Partha was asked to went through medical check-up. On the day itself, he was taken to CJM court where he was charged under IPC 294 and IPC 353 for the use of offensive words in public and deter public servant from discharge of his duty.

    This incident ponders questions about how the justice is served to a person who raised the voice and opposed them. Partha is in custody for next 14 days. No actions were taken against police who took the bike keys and checked even when they weren’t designated the post.