Paris Hilton in Hot waters In Another Allegation


Paris Hilton accused for Scamming

The queen of paparazzi and tantrum, or also known as Paris Hilton has definitely proven that even though you are a millionaire, still you end up on a dis-satisfied note. The publicity queen has turned into a scamster by running away with the money she promised a guy to pay for certain specific services as alleged. Her true unprofessionalism was shown by the behavior in which she not only denied the payment to the service provider, but went a mile ahead by blocking him on Twitter as per the claims of the service provider on a black hat forum

The situation started with the service provider turning blind-folded because they were Hiltons as per his claims. On the pretext, or rather a naïve assumption, that guy trusted the Hilton’s with no assurance demanded, or foundation by the veracity of the contract. But, his naïve state of reading and understanding people based solely on their family lineage cost him 10,000 grand was his allegation as per her chat with the Hilton Twitter handle. That’s a paltry amount for such figure, but the veracity of the claim certainly stands questionable without true sources. In the past as well, the ignominious state of handling the public image continued for Paris Hilton when she was apprehended and caught by the roadway police, on the charges of driving without a valid license.

Paris Hilton & the company were earlier engaged in other scams as well. So, it would certainly bug and annoy the Paris Hilton fans that once she was even engaged in a puppy scam. Yes, you heard right! Puppy Scam! Sounds Grotesque!

Her Betty’s Teacup Puppies, was allegedly blamed by one of its customers that they had scammed her by their false promises. In the past, when one of their customers bought a teacup Maltese from Teacup Puppies with an assurance that the delivery would be on time, the company failed to abide by the promises. To further worsen the situation, when she demanded refund of US$7,150, her company vehemently denied the assurance of refund and redacted to contract to fit in the terms and conditions as per their favor. With such an approach, the company said that no refund would be processed and they ran away with the money.

The Hiltons have had their share of challenges with some proving truthful, whereas there are a few whose existence stands questionable. Some might capitalize on the wind-fall scenario created by their own reputation in the past. But, certainly the Hiltons are having a tough time.





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