Pakistani Guy Trolls India By a tweet, See the Hilarious Response from Indians !!


    The Indian and Pakistan war on twitter!!

    After the Uri attack, the level of hatred towards the neighbour state has increased that is seen every now an then among the Indian’s just then the MNS leaders said the Pakistani actors to leave India and the Twitter war began against India and Pakistan !!

    A guy From Pakistan trolled India by posting a picture of Google searches on facebook and got trolled by Indians after that !!

     A journalist also tweeted that Pakistan is preparing for War against India and Gets Trolled !! 

    Here is the tweet of the Pakistan Guy !! 

    The list of Suggestions from google, The guy posted this and got a Hilarious response !!

    Here is the Response from the Indians for the  tweet !! 

    The same suggestions of Google search of Pakistan !! 

    Different Keywords used for Suggestions Pakistan Gets Trolled !!

     Also, there was a comment that shows the Difference of India and Pakistan !!


    The Indian Twitter users gave a kick ass response to the Pakistani Tweet against  India !!