Overcoming Pessimism ! Treat the Grey Matter


    I woke up! yes, i did! but just from my bed! rather than a bed bug,a dream bitten me so badly that today it made me blog about it.though the dream didn’t sound like a Bollywood blockbuster, it could actually BLOCK and BURST two most sought over elements that are the “optimism” and “pessimism”.here it goes!found myself in a Lamborghini Aventor( my dream car) on the streets of new jersey heading towards my office,the moment I stepped into my chamber,I could find loads of bouquets and the goodies on the table,I was about to read a note attached to the bouquets, ooh, ah, lets take the world and paint it red!!!well that’s how my cell began to ring,i picked up,to my surprise,a gentlemen at the other end said,congratulations!now your company is listed among the fortune 500!all I was left with was zillions of butterflies in my heart and mind,my eyes were wet!a group of journalists rushed to my cabin to interview the upcoming business magnet,

    I was overwhelmed and spoke my heart out,the next day when I turned the newspaper,there was a twist,not just in the headlines I read,even in my life,it goes like this-“claire bags the fortune 500 lists,thumbs down for big bang”(big bang my org),it was, in fact, a big slap on my face,and I woke up!!!!few of you might find this dream silly,dramatic,bizarre….but what i truly discovered was the battle between optimism and pessimism.though it wasn’t a reality,I was on the cloud nine,but the facts and the figures portrayed in the news,literally banged me to the ground,this isn’t just with me,most of us are the victims of pessimism.the obvious answer to overcoming pessimism is optimism is what even the google says,now without much renga ring a roses,coming to the point,it’s time to ask three questions to ourselves: what is optimism? why should I opt the optimism? why shouldn’t I opt pessimism?coz life is a series of choices we make,here we go- well! optimism is s ray of confidence,hopefulness,opening up,constructive,beneficial,what not?a new way of looking at the world with a new pair of lenses that broadens one’s view and the vision.now a test drive for you- imagine!you are in one of the world’s most beautiful place,with the most beloved person .enjoying a candle light dinner,u r savoring every moment,a six-figure income, a posh villa and a car,coolest people around,a sense of accomplishment!no worries!can you close your eyes for a minute and think how good you are feeling?great right?it is simply because you are opting the positivity without your acknowledgement.now imagine yourself in an old attire,a hell lot of debts to be cleared,illness,unemployment,helplessness,are you loving it?absolutely NOT!

    than why do we merry go round the pessimism so much?it’s simply because of you aren’t aware how powerful the optimism is.on an average we run about seventy thousand thoughts a day,your actions are influenced by your thoughts,if your thoughts are negative…ahaa!you know the outcome. just like our einstein has many equations,the formula of optimism is P=2HS ie.,positivity = happiness+hardwork+success.those who are infected by optimism will run beautiful pictures,ideas,in their mind.fuel their goals with smart and hard work, earn higher incomes,will be energetic,more focused,stay calm,stay longer and more importantly will be happiest!everything under one roof it gives you great life,than how to be optimistic?if given a chance we would beat even Shahrukh and Salman khan when it comes to acting,so we gotta start acting as though everything is fine,nothing so bad has ever happened,no matter what happens,constantly click images of your success in your inner camera,HEAR to people who influence you negatively,don’t LISTEN!ACT AND ACT AND ACT!finally your acting will turn to actions,your thoughts take a different shape,you will feel the pinch of it!!ouch!now you say,why didn’t I start acting before??even now you look gorgeous,so start now 🙂 maybe I need not answer to the third question,coz it’s out of your dictionary!!