Now TET to be mandatory for private teachers too !


    Now holding a diploma in education (DEd) or having a Bachelor’s in Education degree (Bed) will no longer be ample enough to be a teacher in a private schools as the government of Telangana has set their rules to make the ‘Teachers Eligibility Test’ (TET) mandatory for all the teachers , irrespective of government or private schools , and this rule will be in effect likely from the next year.

    This is done to improve the quality of education in schools , and the ‘Telangana State Public Service Commission’ will be holding the TET to filter out the best candidates who are deserving and have much needed skills to impart to their students in public and private schools.

    And with this , only these teachers would be eligible to be recruited in public and private schools , earlier it was a mandatory case for a teacher to be recruited in a public school , but with a change in mindset and rules by the Telangana government , we will see TET qualified teachers in private schools too.

    So from the next academic year , teachers who has qualified TET will be recruited and this decision has come into public ony when the school education department has conducted a survey in some private and government schools last month.

    Keeping the Right to Education Act in mind , the survey indicates that several teachers had poor English and few of them were untrained or unqualified for TET , and after this the government is soon going to consult the private school management and then will zero in on this method of recruitment for the teachers.