“Aajkal ki generation?!” “Naye bachchon ki masti?!” “Humare zamane mein aisa nahi tha”; these are a few phrases that we often hear in a demotivating way. People tend to question the changes of the fast moving world, and the bridging of a gap is now seeing a further approach. No matter how much everyone moves with leaps and bounds keeping up with the pace, ‘aaj ki generation’ will remain the spice in every kitty party and office get-together.

    But is it really the scenario? How about the days when someone has finally spread the wings and decided to take a leap of faith? Only to be a better person and emerge with flying colours. Failures have always been a part and parcel of everyone’s lives, only some are glorified to an extent of being nagged. Dreams existed even back then, but now the push and the needs can be catered to, much more easily. Some say that earlier there weren’t enough means to fulfil one’s dreams. Generations have become much more aware and learned from earlier experiences. ‘Folks’ now are more open for acceptance and failure. Not all who wander are lost! The newbie wants to travel and learn, it’s not the books, and it’s not just the idiot box! It has way surpassed the theory of just listen and learn. A traveller doesn’t just cover the geographical diversity but the diversity of souls. They fall from a greater height and yet again climb to a much greater one.

    The term stranger has no more remained strange, for everyone is a help taker and in turn a helper. ‘Best friends’ have become too mainstream for a person who wants to socialise and expand their friend circle for building contacts. Earlier taking a bold step meant jumping into a well, with no guaranteed success. Is it that no one takes bold steps now? Or can we say that the steps are measured and the path is sorted for those who jump off the cliff with cut wings? 

    Without the former expertise, the present wouldn’t have achieved what they have in the recent times. Outcasting all for a few, would be the injustice to the majority. It is the fear of spoiling the dish before a dinner party, fear of falling off the bike before driving, fear of sleeping for not seeing the rising sun. How will a cook become a master chef without burning pans and dishes? How will a rider ride without understanding the force with which a road hits? And how will one dream without sleeping? 

    Wouldn’t it be completely wrong to address the entire basket of apples spoiled, when only one apple ruined the basket? And wouldn’t it be completely wrong to throw away old books when they contain words of wisdom? 

    Is it the trust? Or is it the fear of striking out that bars our loved ones and kerbs them from taking a flight. The world is changing and so will it not stop for us to bridge gaps. 

    Never let the fear of striking out keep one from playing the game!