More deaths because of unemployment than ryots!


    It is true! There are more number of deaths of unemployed youth than ones which are caused by ryots in India.

    If we go by the study , which was conducted recently , says that “The suicide rate among the unemployed is higher than that of farmers and even than caused from ryots!”

    In case of farmers , the death rate has fallen drastically , especially in Punjab were the figure were too low when compared to death due to drug addiction.

    But ironically , the suicide rate is more in the South India , which is actually very prosperous than the Northern parts like Uttar Pradesh , Bihar which are not that well off.

    These all were the highlights of the National Seminar on ‘Suicides in India :Tendencies , Prevention and Mitigation of the Social Crisis’ at the famous Nizam College in Hyderabad yesterday.

    “This seminar was mostly related to the family of those unfortunate individuals who ended their life without thinking about a second chance!” says Vinita Pandey , the Seminar Director.

    “In order to change the nation , we must change ourselves , and to do that we want to know , understand how students , farmers and others comtemplates suicide” she adds.

    While issuing the above statements , she took the support of a famous Harivansh Rai poem , and invoked the audience with “Koshish Karne Walon Ki Haar Nahi Hoti!”

    This is her agenda , to change the depressed minds , to give their life another chance as life can be beautiful if one decides to see its greener side.

    Another key note addresser , Abha Chauhan , Secretary of Indian Sociological Society , said “Research has shown that in Army , suicide case has been manipulated and presented as an accident and as otherwise how come the soldier’s family , receive their insurance benefits?”

    The environment at the Nizam College , Hyderabad , turned into a serious one when the addressers emphasized on importance of life!

    According to me , every individual must not lose hope in times of distress and always chant this simple motto of  “Live and let others live!”