Mensutra makes a point, Jasleen Kaur was not insane


Going through the recent developments on Jasleen Kaur and Sarvjeet Singh, Our team has taken the initiative to talk with Sarvjeet who was accused by Jasleen Kaur for harassing her. Several Media houses have declared Sarvjeet Singh culprit and asked the boy to apologize. However, none of them has a single proof against the Sarvjeet Singh.

Jasleen KaurShwetabh from Mensutra makes a point putting all reality on one video, however, the mistake was done by everyone. Having a bit trust on police is something which is much needed in a democratic country. Jasleen have retweeted a status which claims ‘ Dekhte he Bassi ji kitani  jaldi kam karte he’, For god sake let the police do their work before passing any judgement.

Twitter Account of Jasleen Kaur which used to have 300 followers 3 days ago is successfully able to collect more than 2000 followers over the period of 2 days. She was one of the trendsetters on twitter and on facebook, But later when the things start getting exposed. It was discovered that Jasleen Kaur was affiliated with Aam Aadmi Party due to this thing the case has reached the Delhi CM too fast, and as expected Arvind Kejriwal has declared Jasleen Kaur as brave girl.

Person who has reportedly harassed Jasleen Kaur
Person who has reportedly harassed Jasleen Kaur

But the frustration reached the higher level, when it’s discovered that she walks away from the interview on Zee News when asked to face the eye-witness in the case. As things are going out of control Jasleen Kaur has lodged complaint in DCW which was itself under Delhi Govt led by Aam Aadmi Party.

Whatever the decision is, Publicly shaming a person without any proof is something which should be categorised as defamation. Sarvjeet has lost his job and has faced too much pressure from everywhere just because of an insane post made on facebook without consulting police or any rational person.

Definitely men are screwed in Delhi after this new trend of Indian Girls Publicly Shaming Men on Facebook without waiting for action from concerned authorities. 


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