Loss of BIODIVERSITY is becoming a problem


    Biodiversity…biological diversity is a term used to explain the existence of different species in a particular region or the variety of living beings on earth. It encompasses microorganisms, plants, animals and ecosystems such as coral reefs, forests, rainforests, deserts etc. 

    But due to human activities, the biodiversity is declining. According to the survey conducted by the scientists of London University in Britain, the biodiversity around the world has fallen below the safety zone. If it continues like this, it will lead to major destructions in nature. So, it’s time to save our Earth from this crisis by taking certain measures.

    On what basis do the scientists had came to this conclusion…?

    Although many surveys had warned about this but these survey results are even stronger than others. In this survey, the scientists had studied the data of different regions in the world. In this process, they analysed around 23.8 crore records related to 39,000 species of 18,000 places. They examined the result of human activities for every square kilometre on different species and recorded the changes in biodiversity. The scientists stated that, due to the loss of biodiversity, the grasslands and lands consisting of different shrubs are affected. The biodiversity is below the safety zone suggested by the ecologists.

    Causes for loss of biodiversity 

    1. Urbanisation: due to urbanisation, most of the forests are turning into concrete jungles. Due to this, the animals and other living organisms living in that area are highly affected.

    2. Overpopulation: due to the increase in population, needs are increased and this is leading to the loss of ecological balance.